20ft Container House

Time: Jan 06, 2017

Tag: container house

The design and layout of 20ft container house. 1. Strong Floor With Steel Frame and Insulated 2. Strong Roof With Steel Frame,Insulated,Downp...

Sandwich Panel Installation On-site

Time: Jan 06, 2017

Tag: Sandwich,Panel,Installation,On

1, First of all, it must carry on the construction preparation before installation, include personnel, materials, etc. All will be well prepa...

Steel Structure Installation On Site

Time: Jan 06, 2017

Tag: Steel,Structure,Installation

Steel structure processing is a new breakthrough in the field of modern architecture in 21st century, The date of such a connection or caulki...

Insulated panel assembly

Time: Nov 20, 2016

Tag: Insulated panel assembly

Insulated panel assembly...

BRD Group Introduction

Time: Nov 20, 2016

Tag: sandwich panel

BRD group is a professional manufacturer of Steel structure, Sandwich panels, Insulated boards and other building construction materials. ...

Production Process of Insulation Board--First

Time: Oct 10, 2016

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Production Process of Insulation Board--First ...

PU Sandwich Panel Packing

Time: Oct 01, 2016

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PU Sandwich Panel Product Line Packing ...

Decorative insulation board -- BRD ECO

Time: Sep 21, 2016

Tag: Decorative,insulation,board,BR

BRD ECO supply three kinds of insulation decorative integrative boards: real stone, PVDF coating and imitation stone. BRD Insulation board is...